1.FFB Configuration

             Force Feedback does not require configuration to support it. 

2.Game Button Setting


    1. Enter the settings page and select the steering wheel. Choose "Direct Input", and select "Custom" for the wheel presets. Click on the steering wheel axis and turn the steering wheel to bind it. Click on the throttle pedal / brake / clutch pedal and press the pedal to bind them.

    2. Enable invert throttle, invert brake, and invert clutch. Due to game mechanics, it is necessary to connect pedals and other devices to the wheelbase for gameplay.

    3.Click on the desired function to be bound, then press the button on the steering wheel or other devices to complete the binding. Note that there may be some input delay in the game, so pressing the button multiple times during binding can help.

    4. Mouse and steering wheel inputs may conflict. It is recommended to bind auxiliary operations for the Wheel UI. Use the steering wheel buttons to interact with the UI, reducing the reliance on mouse and keyboard operations.