1 FFB Configuration

"iRacing" game's Force Feedback does not require any configuration to support it.

2 Telemetry Configuration

Just open "MOZA Pit House" to automatically support "iRacing" game's telemetry data, no additional configuration is required.

2.1 iRacing Indicator Mode

This mode is within the experimental features page and defaults to Original mode.

  • When you are in Original mode, the timing of the steering wheel indicator light will be synchronized with the indicator light in the game, and is not affected by the RPM prompt on the steering wheel settings page. Note that when you are inside Pit in the game, the indicator light is off, which is a normal phenomenon.

  • When in RPM mode, you can control the timing of the steering wheel indicator lights by setting the RPM cue on the steering wheel page. This mode allows you to customize the timing of each light. Note: Each time you start a race or change vehicles, you need to make an effective shift to get the maximum engine speed to be effective.