Q: The RM Meter screen doesn't light up.

A: Reinstall the instrument panel, and make sure that the left thimble is in contact with the base thimble. You can install the instrument panel when the base is powered on, so you can see whether the instrument panel is on, and ensure that the instrument panel is also powered on after it is fixed.

Note: Please make sure you hold the thimble vertically against the female terminal interface and do it at once. If the display monitor does not light up, please pull it out completely and then reinsert it. Do not move the display in a pressed state to avoid damaging the structure of the thimble.

Q: The RM Meter have a screw hole blocked by the wiring.

A: You can put the screws in first to ensure that the wire harness is not pressed, and then tighten the screws. Or use a screwdriver to gently clear the screw hole position. If it is impossible to lock the screw holes covered by the wire harness, only fastening 3 screws is also perfectly fine.

Q: The digital dash screen data doesn't update in the game.

1. If only some of the data does not work, please check if MOZA Pit House supports the data.
2. If all the data is not valid, please click on the corresponding game on the right side of the home page of Pit house to configure it, and then enter the game when it shows the configured status.
3. The above are invalid, please contact customer service and upload the error report

Q: What data does the digital dash show in the game? What's wrong with my digital dash not showing certain data in a game?

A: The digital dash can show data and corresponding game information as detailed in Digital Dash Telemetry Support

Q: After the RM Meter installation is completed and configured, the vehicle speed, RPM and other related data are sometimes available when entering the game, and sometimes not.

A: It may be a bad Pogo Pin contact.