1 Installation

1.1 Instructions

This guide is for:

  • Game: Richard Burns Rally RBR (RSFHU Hungarian Edition
  • System: win 10 & win 11
  • Equipment: MOZA R16, R9 Wheel Base, and MOZA steering wheel and pedals

We are currently testing the steering wheel on RBR RSFHU Hungarian Edition. So please install RBR RSFHU Hungarian Edition for a better gaming experience.




>>MOZArbr registry.reg

>>Delete registry.reg

1.3 Installation steps

  • Click "Rallysimfans_Installer_v1.21.0.exe" to install 
  • Select the language and click "OK", then follow the on-screen instructions and keep clicking "next" until the end.


Select the folder and click "Next"



To install the game and game add-ons, you may select:

① "Full installation" → larger (above 100G)

② "Minimal installation" → recommended (install only RBR base game)

③ "Update existing installation" → choose it when upgrading

④ "Custom installation"→recommended (install only RBR base game)



Select a server to download


Select RBR base game, and the other options you may choose on your own demand


> Keep clicking "next" through the installation. Some messages will pop up owing to some problems like server connection failure, you may ignore them and click "OK" to continue the installation

> Double click on the "MOZArbr registry" to run the registry

> Enter the game

2 Telemetry setup

  1.After the game is downloaded, open RallySimFans Launcher.exe

2.Click "Telemetry" 

3.Check the "UDP telemetry" option.

   Configure the UDP IP address as and the port number as 6776.


3 FAQs

Q: After entering the game, the steering wheel will wobble?

A: In the game, there will always be a center return force of the steering wheel (regardless of whether the center return force is turned off in the game). In Pit House, the greater the force feedback adjustment, the greater the return force. Adjust the feedback strength to 10%, turn the steering wheel to 0°, enter the game, and then adjust the force feedback strength as needed.


Q: RBR's throttle or brake pedals are incorrect

A: The pedals which are used in the game, in most cases, are reversed in the RBR. So they should be set to "On" in the Pit House for "Reverse or not".

Q: Will the registry affect other files?

A: The registry will have an impact on the Horizon series games. If you find that other games crash when the MOZA steering wheel is connected, and the game can be played normally without the MOZA steering wheel, run "Delete Registry.reg" and play RBR next time , run "MOZArbr registry.reg" again.